April 28, 2021

The Power Of Branded School Ties

A school tie without branding, or a non branded school tie, unless the tie reflects the colours of the school (for example a stripe), does not really represent a school, or is that true?

A non branded school tie says nothing about the school unless there is a specific reason why the tie is plain that would be understood by those wearing the non branded school tie.

Branded School Ties

It is possible that a non branded tie can have meaning to a specific group of individuals within a school, but then, they would accept that nobody else knows the meaning, only those who understand the reason for the school tie being plain.

For sure, a non branded school tie is understated and for sure, there are schools who have a none branded school tie and everyone who sees them in a non branded school tie knows the school. So in this scenario, a non branded school tie would become a branded school tie because of the unique and recognisable colour of the tie.

Likewise, many corporates and businesses, especially retail, security, car hire or hotel chain operations would have a branded tie without any branding ie: the colour of the tie is the branding. However, this only really works for a brand that has a colour that is recognisable by many people as being the colour of a specific business or organisation relating to the tie or scarf.

Branded Tie

In this case, as I have said, the colour becomes the branding- no words necessary for the main reason that the tie or scarf is worn by the employee in their work environment only, so perhaps it becomes a means of being able to more easily identify a staff member simply by the colour of their tie or scarf.

However, a branded tie is easily identifiable. A branded school tie for example, when worn on rugby tour would easily identify the player with his school, likewise for hockey or cricket or just about any other sport, hobby or interest.

A branded school tie will always outweigh a non branded school tie simply because its readable and therefore understandable.

In other words, I don’t have to know the school and the tie to recognise the school, I can read what it says on the branded school tie and draw my own correct conclusion.

School Tie

As I have said, colour is particularly important when it comes to a tie that is not a branded school tie, simply because of the colour, and likewise for a corporate or brand related tie or scarf. If the colour is not definable then the tie will not be recognised if it is not branded.

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