April 19, 2021

Top 4 Reasons To Invest In Powerful Branded Socks As Part Of Your Corporate Uniform.

Top 4 reasons to invest in branded socks as part of your corporate uniform.

Ensuring your team looks their best at all times and represents your brand values as a cohesive whole to your customer is a well-documented best practice way of delivering a quality first impression read more here. One of the aspects of the corporate uniform that the Vinuchi team finds often gets lost is branded socks because it is such a small part of the corporate uniform…or is it.

If your organisation has invested thousands in a gorgeous branded uniform that enables staff to look their best while being able to mix and match colours, then including corporate branded socks is important and here is why.

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#1 Individual sock choice can ruin any uniform.

Let’s say you’ve invested in a gorgeous corporate uniform with hours of planning in terms of colour choices, mix and match options, fabric choices and more. A quirky sense of humour, bad dress sense or practical financial limitations could result in your staff members choosing socks that completely distract from the corporate uniform you are trying to implement. Some examples of how socks can go wrong include:

  • Brightly coloured and garishly patterned socks can easily distract from a sleek corporate finish. 
  • Socks with inappropriate images or wording.
  • Socks with holes or right and left socks not matching can quickly destroy a corporate image.

With Vinuchi’s quality corporate branded socks, you can ensure that the corporate image you are working so hard to build isn’t destroyed by a distracting sock situation.

#2 The Devil is in the Details

The sock nightmares we’ve described in point 1 happen less frequently than this next seemingly simple situation.

Styling trouser, sock and shoe combinations.

Most people have got the basics right when it comes to what shirt to wear with what jacket and trousers, but styling socks remains a bit of a grey area.  This means that staff, if left to their own fashion sense, can create a distraction with poor sock colour choices.

By including Vinuchi corporate branded socks into your corporate uniform, you remove every opportunity for fashion faux pas and unnecessary branding mishaps.

#3 Additional Branding

Aside from avoiding the corporate uniform issues described in point 1 and 2, Vinuchi’s corporate branded socks provide an additional opportunity for branding.  Most corporate branding on staff uniforms is very subtle with a small logo on a shirt or tie.  Finding appropriate places to include your logo without your staff members looking like a walking sandwich board can be tricky.

Vinuchi has over 40 years experience in logo placement on corporate uniforms and we have found that ties, the pockets on shirts and corporate socks are excellent places to include a logo.

Take a look at our corporate sock options here.

#4 Comfort and Staff Health

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, not all socks are created equal.  A well made Vinuchi branded sock has a defined heel, toe and arch support.  This increases the comfort and fit of shoes. 

Vinuchi corporate branded socks are an absolute must for businesses in which staff are required to be on their feet for a large part of the day.  Not only do the Vinuchi socks ensure a seamless corporate uniform branding, but they also help to reduce foot and leg fatigue because they support the foot better.

Vinuchi corporate branded socks are made from high quality materials that encourage air movement and ventilation in the shoe.  This helps to prevent foot odour, discomfort read more here and even health issues such as athletes foot read more here.

The most professional looking corporate uniforms ensure that every detail is carefully planned and thought through. Vinuchi’s expert team is standing by to assist you in planning each aspect of your corporate uniform including socks.

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