March 26, 2021

Types Of Socks

There are many different types of socks available from formal calf length socks, through to short sports socks . There are corporate socks which are specifically required by a corporate either as a give away, a fun item or as part of the uniform. 

The reason why a corporate who is doing uniform for their staff would want to do socks aswell is very clear. It makes no sense whatsoever to design a fancy uniform for the male employees, with for example black trousers and the wearer of the uniform puts on his own pink socks unless this is something mandated by the company.

Corporate socks can have a serious theme, they are generally logo’d, if only on the foot section, but normally one will find branding on a corporate sock that is visible when worn, so for example, if the wearer of the sock has crossed his legs and his trouser pulls up, the sock becomes visible, the logo or wording on the sock then becomes of interest to anyone who might spot the sock detail.

Corporate socks very often have fun themes for example to launch a brand or promote a brand, they are brilliant as hand outs because a corporate sock has a value, this being the fact that no matter what is on the sock, it can be worn as an item of clothing.

A corporate sock can also be used as a reminder for example, many years ago, a well known company decided to do a mailing to all its customers, the envelope contained a pair of corporate socks, which created huge interest and was a massive success.

A corporate calf length sock is generally worn by males and there is not a lot of limit to what can be designed in the body of a corporate sock.

So apart from a calf length corporate sock, one also finds a short version  of a corporate sock, called a corporate sports sock which is specifically designed for use either in a sports match as a running sock or to be worn at golf, or just for walking with a pair of shorts.

A corporate sports sock is designed to be worn by both male and female, it is logo’d at the top of the sock and can be folded over, a corporate sports sock can also be branded on the foot but space is limited.

All socks, regardless of the type of sock can be made to specific size requirements, so generally corporate socks are sized specifically for ladies and gents, especially the sports sock.

Another type of sock is the good old school sock, most often a light or dark grey which is also calf length, a school sock is either plain or quite often has stripes at the top of the sock which indicate which school the school sock represents.

Within a school sock environment, one also finds school sports socks which can be used as hockey socks, tennis socks etc.

Rugby socks which are more specialist, they need to be made stronger to withstand rough wear, but a rugby sock is as significant as a school sock because it represents a specific school.

So in short, corporate socks, corporate sports socks, school socks and school sports socks are all important items when it comes to completing a school uniform.

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