March 24, 2021

Vinuchi Corporate Jewellery

Corporate jewellery is a general term for a wide variety of corporate jewellery items.

Corporate jewellery includes traditional items such as cufflinks, scarf rings and pin badges aswell as more obscure corporate jewellery items such as golf ball markers and various different coloured badges made from metal.

Corporate jewellery exists mainly to finish off the outfit of the wearer, so for example, a male executive may wear cufflinks to improve and smarten his overall look and a female executive may wear a bar brooch signifying the company name or logo or a pin badge or perhaps even a scarf ring with the company insignia.

Although many of these items can be purchased as a fashion element, the wearing of corporate jewellery can be fashionable in itself, as corporate jewellery these days is designed with the fashion element in mind.

Because there is a growing formal element in the corporate work place, corporate jewellery is fast becoming an in demand item once again.

A formal shirt finished off with corporate jewellery in the form of cufflinks is always classy, also, corporate Jewellery has a perceived value far higher than the actual cost, so from a standpoint of handing out corporate jewellery in the form of gifts is usually well received.

Corporate jewellery also works extremely well with the concept of long service awards, people are always very happy to receive a monetary gift, but they really appreciate having something that they can look back on and feel proud that they earned a particular piece of corporate jewellery with their company’s insignia, it means something to the recipient.

From a quality perspective, corporate jewellery is usually very well made and well presented, it is often made in the same factories that make for fashion jewellery stores, so the quality of corporate jewellery is usually comparable to most jewellery having the same uses. 

The fact that a logo or insignia can be displayed on a piece of corporate jewellery is quite remarkable given the amount of space available to display the logo, but craftsmen who work with corporate jewellery are well trained and understand attention to detail and the fact that they have a small area to work with to produce an impactful piece of corporate jewellery.

Key rings can also be classed as corporate jewellery depending on the materials used and the finish. A well made metal keyring with gold or silver plating and a well designed logo or insignia is always popular and is often given a place of pride on the car keyring!

It is even possible to have a pitch fork(to repair pitchmarks from the golf ball landing on the green) made as a corporate jewellery item, this ensures a classical, upmarket look that a golfer always enjoys!

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