March 24, 2021

Vinuchi Custom Badges for Honour and Achievement

Badges signify a belonging or an achievement, badges identify an individual by name, interest or vocation. Badges inform one person of another person’s achievement, badges tell where a person is or has been in their lives.

People collect badges, badge collection is a huge interest amongst many people, you will see on the back of caravans for example, how many badges many of them carry, telling where the owner has been, badges signify a particular experience.

Whether a badge is printed on a piece of plastic or vinyl and applied to a vehicle or whether a badge is sewn on to a uniform or clipped on is really immaterial, a badge shows that an individual is part of a special club.

A badge says “I have done this, or that, I am a member of this or that club or organisation, I work in a certain environment(military for example), I partake in one or other interest, I am one of many or a few who do a certain thing, I am special!”.

One cannot wear a badge unless one has earned the right to wear a badge, this especially rings true with school badges. One cannot wear a prefects badge if one is not a prefect, similarly, one cannot wear a badge tat says I am a member of a first team sports player or a library monitor or for that matter, tiddly winks champion, if I one has not earned the right to wear it or display the badge.

So in effect, a badge really signifies and achievement. One cannot or should not display a badge that says Cango Caves on ones caravan or 4x4, if one hasn’t been to the Cango Caves and bought the badge to apply.

We call that a sticker, but its really a badge!

A badge allows us to show off, to tell others what we have done or achieved. A badge is a wonderful way of having ones achievement or experience recognised, a badge says “look what I have done!”

The size of a badge is immaterial and unimportant; In fact, the smaller the badge, very often, the more attention it receives because one has to look carefully to see what it is about.

Badges come in various shapes and sizes, badges come in various materials, fabric, metal, plastic, Perspex, anything really!

Because a badge allows a person to be recognised, it would be true to say that many people would rather be awarded a badge than a monetary gift, simply because people crave recognition.

A name plate is a badge, it tells a person your name and who you work for, it says “Hi, my name is John or Anne and I work for this company or belong to that organisation, so aswell as signifying an achievement, a badge also advises of a belonging.

Badges are incredibly important, they will never go away, they will never stop being made or worn, badges are a necessary part of daily life because if we wear a badge, then we belong or we have achieved which are both basic human requirements.

A badge is a necessary item to improve a persons well being or Psychie.

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