November 27, 2020

Prestige, Recognition and Branding all tied up in Custom Branded School Ties - 4 powerful reasons in our case study

Nothing quite finishes an outfit like custom branded school ties.  Regardless of gender, ties provide a visual centre piece that completes an outfit and adds that touch of age-old class associated with influence and power.

This is why most schools in South Africa continue to enforce the wearing of custom school ties as part of their uniform.  Sometimes branded school ties are used in the winter uniform only, and in other schools the school tie is used year round.

In this article we’d like to introduce a case study in which common custom branded school ties have been elevated to new levels and used strategically to motivate and unite students.

The school in question has asked to remain anonymous, however Vinuchi has been providing this school with branded school ties for the last 20 years and it has been a privileged and fascinating journey.

vinuchi branded school ties

1.    How branded school ties are used in the general student body

The school in this case study has a very handsome branded school ties indeed.  The clever use of colours and design against the crisp white school uniform shirt makes for a striking contrast that is easily visible and recognisable from some distance.

When seen en masse this particular school tie is incredibly impressive, particularly when worn with the rest of the school uniform.

As a result, the school tie forms an intricate part of the general school uniform for this particular school and is worn year-round.

2.    How school ties are used to unify student groups

While the particular school tie in this case study is very striking, it is not abnormal for schools to use a school tie year-round. 

What is interesting, however, is that instead of recognising various sporting, cultural and house groups within the school with different coloured shirts or blazers, this school unifies the various student body groups with ties.

This approach means that students who belong to a particular school house, or sports or cultural team are instantly recognisable, helping to easily delineate and unify the various student groups within the school.

3.    How school ties are used to motivate students

Another way the school in this case study has used the humble school tie with great success is in recognising student achievements and leadership.  Again, instead of using badges or even blazer trimming to showcase student excellence, a tie is given to recognise achievement.

As a result, prefects, head students and students with academic and sporting awards receive school ties that denote their particular achievement.

4.    Past pupil school ties

Finally, the school in the case study provides every graduating matric student with a school tie to take with them into the new phase of their life. This has not only become a very meaningful tradition but also provides this school with ongoing branding into powerful places as past students go on to study and become successful professionals.

Utilising the humble school tie in this manner provides this particular school with the following interesting benefits:

·         A strong and recognisable school identity

·         A source of visual unity for various student groups within the school

·         A motivating symbol of recognition for student achievement

·         Ongoing school branding once students have completed their studies at this school.

Perhaps your school is looking for cost effective ways to implement each of the above elements.  If so, then consider using your school ties to symbolise different aspects of the school.

Why should you recognise your students? We found an interesting article on the topic. Read more here.

Our suggestion is that you think about what natural aspects within your current school structure and processes that could be highlighted with a different school tie.

Perhaps it’s a leadership aspect, or a sporting team that you’d like to draw more attention to, or perhaps you’d like to increase the brand awareness of your school through past pupil interaction.

The Vinuchi team is standing by to assist you with the colours, design and production of school ties that set your students apart. Why not take a look at our offering here or get in touch with us

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