September 9, 2020

The value of a school track suit

Nothing is more noticeable on an inter school sportsday than the array of school track suits worn by the gladiators, keen to win for themselves and their schools!

It doesn’t seem to matter what age the learners are, a school track suit on sports day produces the same emotions, the will to win, to be recognised, to be cheered and put up on a pedestal.

Walking amongst the representatives of so many schools, the impact can be staggering, such a wonderful mix of colours, such a brave coalition of warriors, there to ply their trades!

A school track suits promotes a huge level of pride, gives the school massive recognition and as usual the brightest or smartest and boldest school track suit always sticks out!

For a school that has elected not to have a formal uniform, with a bias towards a more casual uniform, the school track suit is the ideal set of clothing to wear. Strong and robust, representative and promoting one image.

What more does a school need ? Whether its purely for uniform or sporting purposes or both, a quality school track suit together with a school golf shirt adequately portray and promote the school, provide cost effectiveness for the parent and allow ease of wear and comfort for the child while at the same time allowing them to have an identity in line with their own school.

A school track suit has an enormous amount of merit.

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