April 9, 2024

The Value Of Corporate Ties & Corporate Scarves

I don’t know if one can ever measure the value of something like corporate ties of corporate scarves, its not really quantifiable unless I suppose, you ask every single recipient of corporate ties or corporate scarves if what they received represents value and improves their outlook on a certain company or institution.

However, I would hazard a guess and say that the vast majority of people will offer a response that would be more positive than negative and I think the simple answer to this is that the majority of people are quite happy to receive corporate ties or corporate scarves as opposed to many other gifts that may be handed out.

This then brings me to another question and that is “are corporate ties and corporate scarves viewed as a more valuable or worthwhile gift that many other gifts that are handed out by corporates and institutions”.

The answer to this is not really definitive because we don’t have any facts at our finger tips to back this up however, over my years in this industry on a number of occasions, I have had both recipients and givers of corporate ties and corporate scarves comment to me that these items, being corporate ties and corporate scarves make a really worthwhile gift.

Although they may not be worn that much, they seem to be viewed as a well received and well handed out form of appreciation.

I do believe that even in this day and age when corporate ties and corporate scarves are not the most popular of items, they beat many other branded gifts form an appreciation perspective hands down in many cases.

The fact is that its always nice to receive something that can be used as an item of clothing.

In my years of dealing in branded gifts and handouts aswell as my core business of manufacturing and selling corporate ties and scarves, there is no doubt in my mind that appreciation levels on receipt of either of these items is high in comparison to many other stale and over worked gift options that just get shoved in the drawer or given away.

Many years ago when corporate ties and corporate scarves were at their pinnacle of popularity, it was an absolute privilege to receive one of these items.

I refer also to long service ties which were all the rage back in the day and normally worked in year gaps of five or ten with normally the first long service corporate ties being five years and the older ones going all the ay to 60 years- yes! We did do a 60 year corporate tie once. I am not sure if the recipient started working at 10 years old or just retired really late, I have to assume the latter!!

It was such a proud moment to receive corporate ties and corporate scarves to denote the number of loyal years of one’s service and many staff members prided them selves in collecting every year they could right up to the end and then having them framed!

So in a small nutshell- the value of corporate ties and corporate scarves is massive- much more than one would ever think!

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