March 20, 2024

The Art Of Tie Manufacturers - The Job

Tie Manufacturers are a law unto themselves in many ways.

They live in a world where school ties, corporate ties and pretty much any type of tie surround them on a daily basis.

A tie manufacturer needs to be multi-talented, they need to be able to operate very often under extreme pressure, especially when the end of the year draws close for example and school ties need to be delivered before the end of the year for school opening the following year.

Tie manufacturers also need to be imaginative with designs, tie manufacturers also need to be handy with figures to ensure costings are always up to date.

Tie manufacturers also need to be able to work with staff as staff are needed to ensure that the process of production is fulfilled.

Tie manufacturers need to be able to keep their admin in order for many reasons. One of these is to record production and to keep records of every tie or scarf they have done- this could be school ties, corporate ties, or even corporate scarves.

Tie manufacturers are not only tie manufacturers, but they are also scarf manufacturers. So it then stands to reason that every tie manufacturer who is also a scarf manufacturer must know very well how to make either item in many different lengths and shapes.

Added to this, tie manufacturers must be able to oversee production and meet lead times which I have to say is getting harder and harder to achieve with the load-shedding issue we have on hand.

They do need to know how to motivate staff and must also be able to train a new staff member when the need arises.

The world of a tie manufacturer is a busy one with many interruptions as they also have to see prospective clients, pitch for new business, look after current clients, and generally do all the things required to keep their business in good operating order.

And so, the work of a tie manufacturer or should I say tie manufacturers is never really done because there is always something to do.

Whether it is a design or a quote or receiving an instruction that the order needs to be out in double quick time, or the need to order raw materials such as fabrics or yarn, there is rarely a quiet moment for a true tie manufacturer and scarf manufacturer to sit back and smell the roses because someone always wants a piece of them!!

It is true that once a manufacturer knows how to make a tie, it is unlikely that the shape or pattern can change although sometimes when it comes to school ties and corporate ties, the fashion will change a little to become a bit wider or narrower or a bit longer or shorter than last years order.

This is not unusual, especially in a corporate environment when one has a change of management who want to sweep the floor clean and believe that to do a new tie is the right way to go which I have to say that I absolutely agree with 100%!!

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