March 11, 2024

The Origin Of Custom Ties & Custom Scarves

Custom Ties and custom scarves as with any product that might be linked to a specific brand or cause are equally if not more important than many other types of branding opportunities.

Custom ties and custom scarves are essentially items that are designed for a specific purpose, thereby giving them the description of custom ties and custom scarves or should we say custom made for a specific purpose.

The advent of custom ties goes back many years, in fact to the days when ties were first worn by the Croats in the thirty years war in the 17th century.

The men who wore these ties together with their uniforms which mostly consisted of long cloaks and fur hats wore what we would call the first invention of a tie that was essentially a piece of fabric tied around their necks.

These men were mercenaries and the word cravat which essentially means a tie originates from the term Croat which is a term used to describe a person from Croatia.

So interestingly, ties were first worn by Croations for the simple reason of identifying themselves and denoting which brigade or fighting group they came from by using different colours.

And so, if one thinks about it, nothing has really changed. The custom ties worn by these Croats, have evolved into something smarter and more formal and of course, much better made but essentially, they are the same thing, they are custom ties there to identify or denote a specific group of individuals either in a school environment by the use of school ties or in the corporate environment by the use of corporate ties.

Also, custom ties and custom scarves are used in the hospitality arena, by that, I mean in areas such as hotels or clubs aswell as in security companies to inform the visitor as to which security company they work for or also in club environments, institutional environments and so the list goes on.

But the fact is that wherever custom ties and custom scarves are worn and for whatever reason they are worn, the main intention of custom ties and custom scarves or any other tie or scarf for that matter is to promote a feeling of belonging and acceptance from within and ensure recognition from without.

Custom scarves on the other hand have been worn for over 3000 years with the first recorded wearing  being that of  Queen Nerfetiti as a form of head scarf.

Although it is more difficult to determine whether the first scarves were worn as custom scarves or fashion scarves, we can only assume that in certain cases, scarves were also worn by females to denote their tribe or origin ie from where they came or to whom they belonged.

This is all really interesting form the perspective that throughout the ages, we have maintained the need for identity and belonging to a certain group or groups by using items such as custom ties and custom scarves to denote this very thing.

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