March 5, 2024

Why Corporate Ties Are A Good Gift

Branded ties are really important items of clothing in certain areas of dress. Two of these areas that most benefit from branded ties are school ties and corporate ties.

When it comes to school ties, one could say that school ties are also branded ties due to the fact that they have a badge or branding on them.

In fact, by rights, school ties don’t need to be branded, or in other words, have a logo in order to qualify as branded ties. the mere fact that a tie has stripes for example or even a plain colour significant to the colour of the school itself could signify the fact that these are branded ties.

The reason I say this is because branding doesn’t always relate to a logo or wording, it can very often relate to a colour.

For example, if you take certain companies such as Vodacom for example, everyone knows Vodacom by the Vodacom red colour that always engulfs anything they do.

Another example is FNB- their turquoise colour is synonymous with their company.

Likewise, when it comes to school ties, it doesn’t necessarily mean that school ties have to have a logo, very often a colour or colours will suffice, such as striped ties.

Very often, school ties (and by this, I don’t mean specialist school ties such as matric ties or sports ties, I mean the standard school ties worn by every school going young person) are just plain striped ties which incorporate most often the key colours of the school.

This tie may not be immediately identifiable by outsiders unless they know the school fairly well but from an internal perspective, the stripes school ties are quickly and easily identifiable.

As I have said before, branded ties are there for a reason.

So from a school perspective, branded ties are in place (stripes, plains or logo) to identify the scholar from without and from within, branded ties are in place to promote a feeling of belonging and togetherness which are all thrown in the pot, create a feeling of goodwill and price towards the school which is always what good schools which to achieve.

Schools for the most part want to create longevity and tradition, this is in essence what grows the value of the school brand, especially from the perspective of an Alma Mater, in that they want to be proud of the school they were part of for so many years, but also of new, prospective students who are considering the school as an option.

There is no doubt that when it comes to good private schools, the image they portray creates a demand and positions the school at a particular level which in essence, allows them to charge a certain price which in turn continues to enable them to further improve the school offering.

So when it comes to branded ties and for that matter any type of school ties, it stands to reason that these items are really such an important part of the building of the tradition of a school.

Branded ties have a value way beyond the tie itself- take away the branded ties and what is the school? It has no identity.

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