August 30, 2023

Tie Manufacturers

Tie manufacturers are part of a breed of clothing manufacturers who generally operate on a smaller basis than a lot of the big clothing factories.

Also, for the most part, tie manufacturers are specialists in what they do.

Tie manufacturers are focused on the specific job at hand of being tie manufacturers as opposed to the majority of clothing factories who are a lot more flexible in what they do.

You cannot just take a seamstress from a clothing factory and ask her or him to make ties, it doesn’t work because although both individuals are for the main part recognised as the same thing, this being a seamstress, the training involved in making clothing as opposed to being tie manufacturers is vastly different, I will elaborate as follows:

In order to make a garment(not school ties) there is a definite process to follow- this being simply that in the larger factories specifically, one person will not make the whole garment, this is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, a number of workers will fulfil one responsibility which may for example be to sew the collar onto the body of the shirt and then pass it along to the next person or persons who will complete a further step of the garment to achieve completion.

By doing this, the factory achieves maximum efficiency and mistakes or general inability to do the job will be picked up very quickly.

However, with tie manufacturers, it works in very much the same way apart from the fact that because there are fewer steps, the worker will generally have more responsibilities in the tie manufacturer's chain of production.

This means that fewer people who learn each and every procedure are in more of a position to assist when somebody does not appear at work. Or at least to take on and fulfil greater responsibility.

There is also a knack with tie manufacturers in general that they ensure that each and every tie that leaves the premises is correctly manufactured by the tie manufacturer.

This means that from a quality control perspective, tie manufacturers, as opposed to their counterparts who manufacture general clothing, have to ensure maximum quality control at every point of the production process or the end result will be a twisted mess with no body or too much body with stitching not straight or not holding and so the list goes on for tie manufacturers who value their work to the point where they will not allow anything remotely substandard to leave their factory premises.

Understand that I am in no way saying that general clothing manufacturers allow this to happen because these days they don’t, their checks and balances are too tight and the standards globally are too high to allow junk to leave a factory floor but the because their controls are so tight and their processes and procedures are so well monitored and split up carefully, any defect in the standard of work is quickly picked up.

With tie manufacturers however, it is a little more difficult to pick up a defect until pretty much towards the end when the tie is almost complete and has to pass the test- will it twist when held lengthwise by the thin end of the tie with the wider end close to the floor?

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