April 23, 2024


In this day and age when custom ties and corporates scarves are not as high in demand as they once were, and this doesn’t mean there isn’t demand for custom ties and custom scarves because there most certainly is, it merely means that the demand has decreased.

And so with this decrease in demand, it has obviously affected tie manufacturers and scarf manufacturers to quite an extent.

Factories world wide that were once making millions of custom ties and scarves a year have been reduced to a lesser number due to reduced demand.

It’s the way of the world- fashions come and go but the amazing thing with ties and scarves is that they have remained a sought after item even if to a lesser extent.

The lot of tie manufacturers these days is still a rosy one with a future if one is able to adapt to the changing circumstances and devise ways of maintaining their factories as fully functional tie manufacturers or scarf manufacturers or both for that matter.

So one of the ways to adapt is to take on different forms of manufacture and not to be totally reliant on being a tie manufacturer, this will also relieve the stress and spread things around so that there are more avenues of opportunity.

It is true, and I speak from personal experience that there is a huge difference for example between being tie manufacturers and golf shirt manufacturers but it is possible to combine both operations under one roof- we did it for a while and to a point it worked.

The other way of approaching this is to consider your current team from a production perspective with regards to what they do, how many custom ties or corporate scarves they are able to get out in one day, how adept they are in the production process, how precise they are, how many mistakes they make on a daily basis etc and then start to reduce the number of individuals you have on the tie manufacture and scarf manufacture side of your production and move them, if possible as opposed to letting them go, to a new line where they may be better.

You really want to keep as many of your staff as possible who are experienced tie manufacturers in case you have a need for them back in your tie section- they can be moved around as required.

The beauty of this process is that you are also in a way, paying it forward because you are giving individuals the chance to train in the manufacture of other garments making them more marketable in their own rights and there fore increasing their job opportunity.

This is of course not desirable if you train them and they move off to another factory but it happens all the time, is not avoidable and also is a good thing in a way. Normally, when a person who is experienced as a tie manufacturer and has been doing the job for a long time, gets to the point where they need a change.

If they can have that change in their current surroundings and move from being tie manufacturers to shirt manufacturers without having to change companies then it often makes things a lot easier.

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