December 1, 2022

Branded Socks

Branded socks seems to have been a real winner recently, which is quite understandable.

Branded socks are a really good handout and also quite a popular item to sell.
Branded socks refer very much to a sock that is branded with a company logo or name.
Branded socks will also normally contain the company colours to ensure that the company gets the most mileage of branded socks being handed out.
So in other words, branded socks are normally very representative of either a company or a brand and when it comes to branded socks, one can have great fun putting together designs to get the most out of the branded sock.

Normally when it comes to branded socks, the theme will be related to either what the company does, or what the brand wishes to achieve, for example if the company sells chickens, one may wish to have lots of little chickens displayed on the branded sock.
Quite often, the logo will be displayed either at the top of the sock or on the foot, it depends what the company doing the branded socks is trying to achieve- some want them subtle and others in your face!
There are 2 options of branded socks one can do, the first branded sock is a formal sock calf length, these type of branded socks are very open to lots of design work, they can accommodate a lot more design than option 2, which is a sports sock.

Ankle length short sock branded socks are great for any sports or casual environment, they can be used for walking, tennis, gold, pretty much anything.
The only thing with this type of branded sock is that the design aspect is more limited, which means that not so much design can be put into the sock.
In fact, when it comes to a short sports sock branded sock, its only really the top of the sock and the foot of the sock that can be branded.
These socks are great for product branded socks, in other words- a product logo looks really good neatly positioned at the top of the sock and can really create a fun aspect to branded socks.
One may think that branded socks may be inferior quality, its often the case, especially when they are full of design, but most times, this is not the case at all.

Quite often, branded socks are of an equal or better quality than a lot of retail socks.
The most important thing with branded socks is that there is sufficient cotton for breathing and sufficient elasticated yarn to ensure stretch.
The reason for this is that in a branded sock that has a lot of logo’s, one will find that the sock is not as flexible as a plain sock simply because the knitted logos do take up quite a bit of flexibility in branded socks.

Generally in branded socks, the cotton content should be around 80% to ensure breathability and stretch, this is equivalent or better to most other socks as far as content is concerned.
Branded socks can achieve a reasonable likeness to a brand from the perspective of how well the branding shows itself. Because of the knitting process for branded socks, it is not always possible to achieve an exact likeness to the brand from both a layout and colour perspective.
The choice of colour yarns for branded socks is quite significant but not as large as printed pantones, so generally, when it comes to using colours in branded socks, the machine operator will use the closest possible shade to the actual pantone colour specified in the CI manual.
Branded socks are fun, they make a great marketing tool for both clients and staff as well as competition giveaways etc.
Branded socks are extremely well priced as a promotional handout and work extremely well.

Branded Socks
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