April 20, 2022

Why are School Ties so important?

School ties are, along with School blazers, the primary garment offering identity.

In other words, school ties are one of those garments that identifies the origin of the school, either by way of logo, colours or the school name.

The most important thing about school ties is that they represent the school accordingly.

School ties can be bland and unnoticeable or school ties can really make a statement.

It really depends when it comes to school ties who developed it. 

The truth is that when it comes to the discussion and design of school ties, they don't always get the attention they deserve. Far too often, school ties are an afterthought and often done in a hurry because they need to be handed out urgently.

often when this happens, the end result is not ideal, it suffices though.

Good school ties, well designed and well thought out are normally, really a success and a credit to the school.

It isn't difficult to ensure awesomely designed school ties, it simply requires some thought and discussion regarding the design and the way the name, logo or colours are portrayed.

Along with this, school ties are at their best when designed by a professional designer who is familiar with the way school ties should be laid out and structured.

A combination of design, fabric and colours contributed to the success of most school ties.

One would think that it is immaterial how school ties look, they have to be worn, there is no choice but this is not the case, there is a definite link between the level if pride in a uniform and how school ties look when worn.

Although school ties are not fashion items, the fact is that it is much more pleasurable to wear a good looking tie that has had some forethought and planning than it is to wear something plain and unattractive.

These days, school ties are taken a little more seriously than they ever used to be. For some reason, it seems more important these days to make sure that the design is correct, up to date and in line with the personality, character and history of the school.

The history of the school is so important when taking into account the design of the tie.

It is extremely important when designing school ties for a school that has a long tradition to ensure that a number of things are taken into account. These items being colours,  colours should be used to ensure that the tie is instantly recognizable to those who are familiar with the school colours.

School ties should also carry the crest or logo with pride, it should be as clearly depicted as possible together with any wording that may accompany the crest.

Often,  this wording cannot be seen on school ties as it sits in the scroll or within the crest so with this in mind, It is extremely important to ensure that the wording is as clear and easy to read as possible.

When it comes to colours, most school ties are not absolutely correct or in line with the actual correct colours. It really is important to try and get as close s possible to the correct colour.

Also, it is important not to allow a new design to be too close to a current design unless the school ties are linked in use for example, it the tie is a rugby tie and the new design is for a new 1st 15 tie,  then it would be understandable if the tie resembles  current rugby school ties.

It would not be unthinkable for school ties to contain graphic references to something within the school. For example, if there is a statue in the main quadrant which forms much of the history of the school, then why not have the statue depicted in the school ties?

This could be referred to as a story board tie. In other words, the tie tells a story, these school ties are really great and although they move away from the norm, this is ok because this school tie has been personalized and linked to something of utmost importance within the school and is worn with absolute pride.

School ties remain a most important uniform item which carry with them the name of the school with pride.

It is important from this perspective that school ties are held in high esteem and given the respect they deserve.

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