November 24, 2021

Corporate Socks Are Without A Shadow Of A Doubt One Of The Best Ways Of Promoting A Brand.

As a hand out, well made corporate socks are an absolute winner.

In order to achieve this though, Corporate socks need to be well made, comparable to the best socks one can purchase from a retail store.

Corporate socks should be well designed and fun, the emphasis should be on the logo or brand advertised on the Corporate socks.

The main aim of Corporate socks is to offer a quality product that will be worn. In other words, it makes no sense to offer substandard Corporate socks as they will not be worn.

Well made Corporate socks need to fit well and breathe properly when worn.

Corporate socks need to be comfortable to wear otherwise they will be worn once and not again.

In order to get the best results from your corporate socks, it is important to ensure that the background colour is practical for general wear. In other words, navy or black backgrounds are most practical for formal socks.

When it comes to Corporate socks in a sports sock design, then either white, navy or black would be most practical.

Corporate Socks

From a design perspective, Corporate socks as formal socks are quite easy to design with a busy bold look as there can be logos all over the sock together with wording on the foot.

The logos or icons will mostly be on the body of the formal Corporate sock, whereas there is only space for two logos on the top of the corporate socks Sports sock.

Wording can be positioned on the foot of both types of Corporate socks.

Generally corporate socks made as sports socks are not padded on the foot whereas corporate socks made as sports socks are padded for extra comfort and act as a shock absorber.

The majority of any decently made corporate socks are made mostly from cotton yarn with a small percentage of stretch yarn to allow a comfortable fit.

Corporate socks are very lightweight and can be transported easily, they are not bulky and can even be posted or couriered.

Corporate socks are excellent value for money and are perceived to be more expensive than the actual purchase price. This is always a good thing when purchasing a promotional tool as a handout to clients or a uniform item to be given to staff.

Corporate socks are excellent for product launches, they really can tell a story about a product.

Using colour and style of sock, it is easy to make a sock most suitable for a product promotion or launch.

So when you next consider a brilliant promotional tool for your next event, launch or brand /product promotion,  consider corporate socks, they really do work!

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