May 12, 2021

Our Crazy Sock Fetish

Long socks, short socks, plain socks, colourful socks, sports socks, socks with toes, secret socks, safari socks, logo’d corporate socks, striped school socks, plain school socks, corporate socks for sporting socks, it doesn’t really matter, we all need socks! And at Vinuchi we have a Sock Fetish!

The beauty of a corporate sock or a corporate logo’d sock is that it is so versatile. A corporate sock makes for a reasonably cheap handout and for the response a corporate sock often receives, it is an extremely worthwhile marketing spend.

Branded Socks

Design on a corporate sock is virtually unlimited. It may be that the manufacturer of a corporate sock or logo’d sock has to take some license over the logo simply to ensure it is properly illustrated within the sock but frankly, it’s a small price to pay to have your logo worn and shown by the proud wearer of the corporate sock.

Most corporate socks are manufactured as calf length socks to be worn in a formal environment, the design can fill most of the body of the sock and there can be wording on the foot of the sock for example “with compliments from…….”  Or simply the company name, or nothing if the company ordering the corporate sock feels that the logo displayed in the calf area of the sock is sufficient to get the message across.

Branded Socks

It is extremely important to ensure when ordering a corporate sock that the sock is well made from the correct yarns. There should always be a high percentage of cotton on the sock to ensure breathability and the corporate sock must be able to stretch properly onto the foot or it will be uncomfortable to wear, likewise, the corporate sock should also not be too loose as that is equally uncomfortable.

The corporate sock should be individually packaged in a simple plastic bag to ensure that hygiene is maintained, remembering that the corporate sock is handed out and by the time the recipient receives the sock it will have likely been touched by many hands. It is possible for a corporate sock to have a header card, it does add cost but can be a highly effective addition to the sock itself, it needs to be taken into account the impact the header card will give versus the additional cost it incurs.

School Socks

With a school sock, the rules are fairly similar except that it is important for a school sock to be constructed to withstand regular wear, this generally means that a school sock is thicker. Also, because many school socks are worn in winter, it needs to be warm, so when it comes to winter uniform for a school, the sock should be warm and long. Summer is warm, so the school sock needs to also be comfortable when worn in summer, it cannot get to warm or it becomes uncomfortable to wear.

School socks from a design perspective are generally plain or striped, it is rare that a logo will be found on the sock, it is not usually required by the school that the school sock should have a logo.There are so many different types of school socks available such as the standard school sock, sports socks, tennis socks, athletic socks, golf socks, rugby socks, cricket socks and soccer socks to mention a few!

So for a parent who has a child or children participating in several sports or activities, the overall cost of school socks can be daunting to say the least.School socks are worn by school children of all ages, even some of the creches have school socks, so they are universally accepted as a standard item of uniform from day one of school.

Both corporate socks and school socks have their place in their own nice areas, they are much needed for different purposes of course, but the fact is that we could not do without them!

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