March 24, 2021

How Vinuchi Ties And Scarves Can Unify Your Team

How Vinuchi Ties And Scarves Can Unify Your Team

And could even result in more business.

The COVID-19 economy is continuing to put huge pressure on businesses across the board. "For SA’s economy, things will have to get worse before they get better"- Read article here. With many employees feeling uncertain about the health of the economy, the organisation they are working for and their jobs, research shows that staff moral in businesses is at its lowest in years. 8 Employee Engagement Statistics You Need to Know in 2021 - Read article here. So how can you use simple elements to improve staff moral without breaking the bank?  Introduce a simple uniform element such as ties and scarves.

You may be thinking, “how can a tie and scarf help my team moral?”  we’ve put together 5 key reasons for you to consider:

1. Vinuchi Ties and Scarves increase confidence in company strength.

Regrettably, there are organisations who are not coping with the current economy and cutting costs across the board is a reality for many.

However, businesses who are coping are still struggling with staff moral. The reason for this is that staff members are concerned that management are keeping company health from them.  Many employees assume, that because the economy is difficult, the business they work for is struggling.  This mindset curbs creativity increases risk averse behaviour and often results in position protectionism.

No matter how many meetings you hold or newsletters you distribute, sometimes a company wide visual reminder of your intentions for your business is the very best way to communicate your company’s health. A uniform can assist your staff to re-unite, work together and provide better service to customers.

Now, your company may not have the budget to splash out on a full uniform for every staff member. Providing staff with ties and scarves as a uniform element, however, indicates far more strongly than mere words, your intention for your business. 

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2. Vinuchi Ties and Scarves present a unified visual aspect to your team.

Another reason corporate ties and scarves from Vinuchi could assist your business with staff moral is the visual reminder these elements provide for your team.  Research shows that Implementing a tie and scarf “uniform” for your team will continually reinforce brand memory. Visual content and the power of memory in marketing - Read article here

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3. Ties and Scarves increase your team’s professionalism.

Your staff members have between 7- 17 seconds to make a good first impression. 12 Statistic-Driven Ways To Make Lasting First Impressions - Read article here. 7-17 seconds is so short your team will barely be able greet a client before that first impression is made.  So, what is that first impression based on?

The answer:  Visual representation of your business.

When you introduce a tie and scarf as a uniform element to your business, you are introducing a powerful accessory that dictates the rest of the outfit that staff member wears.

By introducing ties and scarfs you will immediately help to avoid some of these common dress frustrations:

Inappropriate shirts

If a tie is a mandatory accessory it is very unlikely that your team members will pair the tie with something like a t-shirt.  By introducing a Vinuchi staff tie as part of the mandatory clothing for your team, you will be inadvertently ensuring that your team wear collared shirts to work.

Inappropriate trousers

Because tie’s are accessories to more formal attire, the chances of your team pairing a Vinuchi tie and collared shirt with shorts are also very minimal. Again, this will help to ensure a more professional work attire across the team helping you to improve the overall image of your organisation.

Revealing outfits

In terms of the ladies attire at work, a Vinuchi scarf worn around the neck is a great way to ensure the ladies in your team cover décolletage and keep work outfits professional. 

Company colours

Should you wish to enforce company colours at work, Vinuchi ties and scarves help you to ensure staff wear professional looking clothing within a specific range of colours because the tie and scarf, as an accessory, dictates what colours can be worn with it.  A red scarf with a pattern in particular colours will look best with dark or light neutral colours such as black, grey, white or navy, or with the colour picked up in the pattern.

Individuality is important to most people so dictating a formal uniform can be difficult and expensive.  The Vinuchi tie and scarf uniform solution ensures your team can wear clothing that is comfortable but still represent a cohesive image.

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