February 8, 2021

School Socks - How To Make School Socks An Interesting Part Of The School Uniform

School socks include the school sock itself, aswell as sports socks covering soccer, rugby, cricket, hockey etc.

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Traditionally, the school sock will have an identifying stripe and be a certain colour. The length of the sock will be most suited to the age of the wearer aswell as the season in which it is worn.

The thickness of the sock can also be important depending on climate, a thicker school sock in cold climates will be more suitable then a thin school sock and vice versa.

Most school socks these days are made with a large percentage of cotton aswell as a polyester or nylon addition to allow for the stretch and help keep the shape of the school sock. The fact that a large percentage is cotton allows for the foot to breath and helps with hygiene aspects.

Generally, school socks are only worn once and then washed although this is not always the case, so hygiene is important when it comes to a school sock and the well being of the young person wearing the socks.

When it comes to design of a school sock, this is extremely important as the design will represent the school in some way, normally with colours. So for example, school socks can be recognised as belonging to a specific school based on the number of stripes in the sock and the colours of the stripes.

Modern technology also makes it easier to further personalise a school sock by applying the logo or crest of the school or even the name of the school- this is easy to achieve and costs no more really then the stripes would cost on the school sock.

It is important for every school to identify their school by their uniform as much as possible and so, school socks should be so integral to the uniform that they achieve almost if not the same effect as the tie or blazer.

In short, school socks can be another conduit when it comes to advertising the name of the school, they should not just be an item to be worn.

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