January 20, 2021

4 Effective Reasons Why Vinuchi’s Branded Socks for South African Schools will Knock your Socks Off.

Socks…perhaps the most underrated element of any school uniform, but every school child wearing shoes also must wear socks.  Now socks can be a forgotten element of the uniform or branded socks can be used to accessorize, brand and improve the comfort and health of the child wearing them.  Here are our top 4 reasons to think differently about branded school socks in South Africa.

1.    Vinuchi Branded Socks Provide Student Comfort

Before we take a look at the aesthetics of branded socks, let’s think student comfort.  A well-made Vinuchi branded sock with a defined toe, heel and arch support is designed to fit around the foot, providing extra support and cushioning. 

Depending on the style of branded sock you choose, the Vinuchi team take great care to ensure that the right material is used to make our South African school socks so that students enjoy a comfortable fabric feel that also helps to protect their feet from the hard leather or plastic of school shoes.

Vinuchi branded school socks ensure your students not only look smart but are comfortable throughout the day, regardless of the weather.Socks - Vinuchi - Ties, Scarves, School Wear, Corporate Wear and Socks.

2.    Vinuchi Branded Socks Help with Student Foot Health

A key reason quality branded school socks are so important is the affect school socks have on foot health.

Students are required to wear shoes for at least 6 hours a day, sometimes more if there are sports activities. Quality branded socks assist to move moisture and humidity from the sole of the foot around the outside of the shoe and out of the top of the shoe. For more information on how moisture wicking material helps feet read here Sportswear - Wikipedia

Removing moisture from around student’s feet is important to assist students to manage foot health and could prevent conditions such as athletes’ foot (Athlete’s Foot: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis (healthline.com) which thrive in moist environments.

Vinuchi’s branded school socks help to protect South African students’ feet, particularly because the warm weather the country enjoys for most of the year means that perperation and the resulting unhealthy foot environment is a real concern for young feet. Socks - Vinuchi - Ties, Scarves, School Wear, Corporate Wear and Sock

3.    Uniform Accessorising

Vinuchi has over 40 years’ experience in creating beautiful school uniforms assisting schools to create just the right image from head to toe. About Us - Vinuchi - Ties, Scarves, School Wear, Corporate Wear and Socks.

Key to this process is understanding how elements of the uniform such as ties and socks can be used to accessorize the uniform.

Perhaps it is a colour within the uniform or your logo that you wish to highlight whatever aspect of the uniform you’d like accessorize, Vinuchi’s branded school socks are the perfect canvas for expression.

We’ve put together some of our favourite ways to use Vinuchi branded school socks to accessorize a uniform.

Long socks make the biggest statement as they offer a large visual platform. We particularly like choosing a strong colour which may highlight another aspect of the uniform such as navy blue which may be found in a stripe within the uniform.

Short socks are very practical for the South African climate and look particularly smart when matching the shirt of the uniform. An example is short white socks with dark shorts and a white shirt as a physical education uniform example.

If you are looking to enhance your uniform, then socks are a simple, inexpensive uniform change that could make all the difference to your school’s uniform.  Contact us for some examples. About Us - Vinuchi - Ties, Scarves, School Wear, Corporate Wear and Socks.

4.    Vinuchi School Socks Provide Additional School Branding

At Vinuchi we are always fascinated by the brand power of a well thought out uniform. Vinuchi branded school socks are used across a wide range of South African school brands, and the bespoke design of each uniform combination provides the schools we work with, with an opportunity to differentiate their school.

If your school uniform feels a little too generic, then get in touch with the Vinuchi team for more information on how we can design bespoke, branded school socks for your school.

vinuchi branded socks

Every element of your school uniform not only needs to work together as a cohesive whole but is also an amazing opportunity to differentiate your school from others around you.   This opportunity to create a unique school branding opportunity is why the Vinuchi team is so passionate about every aspect of the school uniform and branded school socks are one of our favourite items to work with.

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