December 8, 2020

Top 6 Tie Tips for the Festive Season from South African Tie Manufacturer - Vinuchi

The festive season.  A whirl of prize giving ceremonies, awards evenings, end-of-year functions and parties and each one requires a specific dress code, many of which are formal.  Now in South Africa, where most of us have limited formal wear, December can be a real stretch of a limited formal wear wardrobe… but not if you use ties to broaden your wardrobe.

As a leading South African tie manufacturer, the Vinuchi team not only understands the art of creating exquisite ties, but we also understand the South African festive season, which is why we’ve put together our top 6 tie tips for the end-of-year chaos.

Our top 6 tips from our Tie Manufacturer

Tip #1: Inspect your wardrobe

The first tip from the Vinuchi team on choosing ties for the festive season is to take stock of the suits and shirts already in your closet. Take a look at the colour, the pattern and the style of formal wear you already have so that you have a good idea of colour pallet you are working with.


Tip #2:  Pick the primary colour of your tie

Once you’ve chosen the shirts, you will be wearing, try to identify a primary colour that you like, and that works with your shirts.  The rule of thumb with ties is that they need to be a shade or two darker than the shirt.  So, if you have pale blue, green and white shirts then a navy tie would work well with all of them.

Tip #3: Understand tie and shirt pattern combinations

The Vinuchi team - Tie Manufacturer kings in South Africa - manufacture ties in a wide range of patterns, so choosing a tie that works with the patterns on your shirts is no problem at all.  When choosing a pattern for a tie, think about the size of the pattern in relation to the size of the pattern on your shirt or jacket.  Generally, ties with a smaller pattern are more versatile as the pattern fades somewhat from a distance.

Tip #4: Choose the shape of your tie carefully

Vinuchi manufactures a wide range of tie shapes which means you have the luxury of choice, which is important because choosing the length and width of your tie can make all the difference to your outfit.  To begin with, take a look at your body shape. If you are a large, tall man, then a slightly longer tie that will still reach just above the belt line is important.  If you are a slight man, then a slimmer tie with not quite as much length will be more in proportion to your body.

Also consider the type of jackets you will be wearing with the tie. The general rule is that the jacket lapels give an indication of the width of your tie with wider lapels looking better with broader ties and vice versa for thinner lapels.

Take a look at some beautiful examples on our website. Ties and Scarves - Vinuchi School Ties and Corporate Ties

Tip #5 Choose a gorgeous tie fabric

Not all tie fabrics are made equal. At Vinuchi we manufacture ties in a wide range of fabrics from printed to woven fabrics..  When choosing a tie or two for the festive season, consider what type of fabric will go best with the suits and shirts you plan to wear. For more tips and advice on how to choose tie fabric, take a look at this article

Tip #6 Choose your fashion statement moment

The Vinuchi team has been in the business of tie manufacturing in South Africa for over 40 years and we know the value of a statement tie.  The tie that draws just the right amount of attention and sets you apart from the rest.

Perhaps Christmas Eve is your moment or maybe it’s New Year Eve, whatever the date for your “statement” moment make sure you have the tie to compliment it.  Here are some tie design ideas that could be your crowning moment of 2020 15 Best Ties for Men 2020 - Designer Ties for Men (

Vinuchi Tie Manufacturer South Africa

With just a tie or two, you can stretch your festive season wardrobe through every party and end the festive season with a tie statement bang.  Get in touch with South Africa’s tie manufacturing experts, the Vinuchi team, and we’ll help you choose the perfect ties to accessorize in style.

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