November 9, 2020

4 Reasons on how corporate ties help your business create long-term company ties that see your brand thrive.

It takes only three seconds to make a first impression when you meet a new customer, but a further ten interactions to change that first impression if the experience has been a negative one.   This is why ensuring your team put their best foot forward must be a priority in any business where customer experience determines sales results. Image if your team wore your brand proudly on corporate ties and scarves.

This is also why the Vinuchi team has dedicated over 40 years to providing South African businesses with the very best in corporate wear. 

Why not choose corporate ties?

Now we understand that not every business can afford to provide a full company uniform to staff, and full company uniforms can be tricky to choose as different tastes, body shapes and functionality within your business may require accommodation.  

There is a way you can still create a powerful brand identity and instill a corporate culture where appropriate dress ensures your brand is represented properly: Corporate ties and company branded scarves.

By providing your staff with a corporate tie, or a company branded scarf for ladies, that is required to be worn the following interesting aspects come into play:

Corporate ties and corporate scarves introduce a company colour pallet.

Depending on the colours you choose for your corporate tie or company scarf, staff member will choose a range of correlating clothing items that complement those colours resulting in a staff led colour pallet that provides a level of uniformity while ensuring that staff are still able to choose clothing that fits and suits them.

Company ties and company scarves ensure a professional image

In order to wear a company tie, staff will need to wear collared shirts.  This assists in ensuring that your team looks smart.  Company scarves also protect your brand from provocative clothing choices that may not be in line with the professional image you wish to portray.

Corporate ties and corporate scarves create a sense of unity.

Corporate ties and company branded scarves create a sense of unity and a sense of belonging.  This concept has long been utilised in the school setting where school uniforms and school ties are used to represent varying aspects within the schooling community.

Company ties and company scarves introduce a layer of brand recognition

Every visual aspect of your business is an additional layer of brand building that provides customers with yet another visual cue to assist your marketing efforts with brand recognition.

How do you go about choosing a corporate tie or a company branded scarf that enables the four factors discussed above?

The Vinuchi team recommend that you follow these three simple steps designed to help you choose the perfect corporate tie and company branded scarf design for your business. Take a look at our official page here

Step 1: Choose the colour pallet for your business

Before you begin the exciting process of designing a company tie and scarf for your business, you need to consider what pallet of colours you’d like to see your team in most of the time.  If, for example, you’d really prefer your team to wear neutral shirts such as black, white, and grey, then consider designing a very bold tie and scarf that can only be worn with these neutral shades.  If you are happy with a wide range of clothing colours then a more neutral corporate tie and scarf design would be better.

Step 2: Incorporate brand colours

Because corporate ties and company scarfs assist with brand recognition, including your brand colours and logo is very important.  Your choice in step 1 will dictate the design options using your brand colours and logo. 

Step 3: Provide iterations

Finally, you may need to think through different uses of corporate ties and scarves.  If you have a very large organisation, you could use company ties and scarves as a way to differentiate teams or seniority levels.

Ever wondered how to tie a corporate scarf? We found the perfect video of you. Take a look here

No matter what your use for company ties and company scarves, the benefit to your organisation from an image, branding and team unity perspective cannot be over stated.  Get in touch with us and the Vinuchi team will assist you to design the perfect corporate tie and corporate scarf for your business.

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