September 21, 2020

The origins of a tracksuit

Take a look at the history of the tracksuit, from the beginning in 1960s athletics to 1980s organised crime to its time now as a designer favourite.

Lets take a step back in time to 1960s when the term a tracksuit meant a zipper jacket and a pair of matching pants, often made of a lightweight synthetic material.

When tracksuits first came out it was specifically for athletes such as sprinters and long distance runners – hence the term tracksuit.

In the 1970s the tracksuit became popular culture. Bruce Lee wore a tight red tracksuit in the coke TV drama long street and shortly after that the tracksuit became popular and no longer was the tracksuit something to only be worn by athletes now it was thee generation fitness wear. Becoming very popular among neighborhood joggers.

In the 1980s the tracksuit was popular as prestige street wear thanks to Darryl McDaniels, Joseph Simmons and Jam Master Jay.

Fashion designers then decided to give the tracksuit a modern twist, designers such as Christopher Cane and Gucci’s Alessandra Macaulay have re designed the tracksuit to be very impressive. "The point being, we can rebuild the tracksuit, we have the technology, we can make it better than it was before, better, stronger, faster." - Mr Porter

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