September 21, 2020

The incredible importance of custom branded school ties, school golf shirts and school track suits in a post covid school environment in 2020

School Uniforms may become more simplified, they may even become more standardised because of the cost factors associated with purchasing uniform. With the new era of education creeping in via the viral backdoor, we can expect lots of changes ahead with regards to the way our children are educated.

Why are custom branded school ties important?

It is with this in mind that we realise how important custom branded school ties will become in those schools whose tradition it is to wear school ties and how important the school golf shirt and school track suit will become in those schools who prefer a more casual dress outlook.

Vinuchi custom branded school ties

Apart from the school blazer, these are the only items that carry any identity, the only clothing items that sets one school apart from another. Have you ever wondered why there is a school tie - we did, and we found a great article - read more about it here.

Such is the importance of identity in a school environment, it is therefore likely that no matter what changes come about with regards to the wearing of school uniform, school ties, school golf shirt and school track suit will always be way up on the list of preferred clothing to assist in giving a school it’s identity.

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