April 23, 2020

Value of a school badge

A school badge has many meanings.
It can identify the school by being on the blazer pocket, it can identify a scholar’s achievements ie: academic, sports achievements etc.

School badges, crests and scrolls often signify an achievement or a recognition on behalf of the scholar. Once they have one achievement, they want to add another and another… thus creating a more competitive individual who strives to have another badge of recognition and achievement.

There is nothing so impressive as a young achiever wearing a school blazer full of badges, crests and scrolls signifying one achievement after another. Without doubt, the pride associated with receiving a school scroll or badge signifying their achievement to be attached to the lapel of the blazer is massive for the scholar and raises confidence levels significantly.

Scrolls or badges can be given for almost everything that deserves recognition and different schools have their own set of sports or disciplines for which they award a scroll or badge. Positively, whether the scroll is for a major or minor school sport or activity, it makes no difference.

The fact is that the recipient of the scroll or badge positions it on their blazer and its hold it place of glory equal to any other scroll or badge worn by any other scholar.

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