April 23, 2020

School ties get abused!

They are pulled, ripped, stained, washed(not as they should be), used to strangle fellow classmates, used to tie people to chairs, tie chairs and desks together. School ties are borrowed, lent and pinched!

School ties are borrowed, lent and pinched! They are drawn on, the yarn is pulled out of them to create a design in a period of boredom. School ties become too short for big learners and often too long for short ones! School ties are snipped with scissors, used a lassoes, used as sweatbands and used for stretching exercises. More often than not, they are not good quality, they lack body, the fabric is substandard and they just don’t last.

So please give thought to the good money you spend on a tie, I am not saying any tie can stand up to ongoing abuse, but some will last longer than others. A Vinuchi school tie tie lasts for as long as possible, it will always do its very best to stand up to mistreatment and abuse. In short, it is resilient and proud to be a school tie!

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