April 23, 2020

Corporate socks

Corporate socks are great fun! They can represent a specific campaign or purely the profile of the company. Corporate socks can be colourful, descriptive and fashionable.

Within reason, most designs can be accommodated within a corporate sock aswell as the company logo. Sometimes licence needs to be taken when it comes to the logo being absolutely exact because of the nature of sock knitting. A message can also be included on the underpart of the sock which is then seen every time it is worn. The message or logo can also be positioned at the top of the sock which may be more preferable if the sock is designed for advertising purposes. A corporate sock is probably on of the best value for money promotional items and can be designed as a formal or sports sock. Minimums are generally 400 units per design, this can be split into for eg: 200 navy and 200 black.

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