April 23, 2020

What is the No 1 value of having many different school ties to wear

The value of school ties are to achieve recognition. By wearing school ties, one achieves recognition either from fellow learners from other schools or simply from anybody who wishes to know to which school the tie is related.

By wearing a tie other than the traditional school tie, this undoubtedly puts the individual on another level, a level of achievement.

Virtual School Ties

Examples of school ties that are recognised

For example, a Matric Tie is a special school tie worn by matriculants in their final year of school to differentiate them from their more junior peers. A matric tie tells a story of achievement.

The very fact that they have now reached the pinnacle of their school life by being a matriculate signifies this achievement.

The very last year of wearing school tie, a very special tie!

Same goes for a first team tie or a champions tie or achievers tie. These school ties are worn by the recipient to show that they have achieved on one or other way. In a way, this means that the more school ties a learner finishes their school career with, essentially, the more they have achieved in their school lives.

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