April 22, 2020

The school tie, a status symbol

Is the school tie a status symbol? An answer to a learners question!

The answer is unequivocally, YES!
Simply being proud of your school, means your school tie is a status symbol- it tells others that you belong.
If you are not proud of your school and not prepared to give of yourself and sacrifice for your school, you are giving up many years of being involved in something special.

Being amongst fellow learners who care enough and give of themselves for their school is a most gratifying experience that one probably never fully realises until much later in life.

Further to that, the achievement of specialist school ties during your school career, even further enforces the specialist tie as a status symbol.

It tells others “I have achieved, I am special, I am part of an elite club, I have qualified for and earned this school tie”.

Growing up and having your own kids and grandkids, by keeping your old school ties, you not only have a story to tell, you also have the opportunity by showing them these ties to encourage and motivate your kids or grandkids to achieve the same thing- recognition and the realisation that a school tie is most certainly a status symbol!

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