Q. What is the minimum order?
A. Minimum order is 50 ties or scarves. Less can be manufactured at premium.
Q. What is a jacquard tie?
A. A Jacquard design is normally a design with graphics and wording normally constructed from woven fabric.
Q. Are there different length ties?
A. Yes, there are different lengths for junior primary, senior primary, junior high school and adult ties(included senior high school)
Q. How long does a tie take to manufacture?
A. From approved artwork and payment of deposit approximately 4-6 weeks for print and 8-10 weeks for weave
Q. Is it possible to have the same design in different colours?
A. Yes, this is not a problem.
Q. Is there a charge for design?
A. No, it is part of the cost of the tie. If we design and you do not proceed, we will deduct design costs from your deposit.
Q. What is the difference between a printed tie and a woven tie?
A. A printed tie is the design sublimated onto white polyester fabric, the tie is then constructed from the printed fabric.
Pre-dyed silk or polyester yarn is woven into fabric from which the woven tie is constructed
Q. Is one process better than the other?
A. Depending on the design, it may be preferable to use printed or woven fabric to construct the tie. From a durability and quality perspective, there is little difference.
Q. What is the importance of a school tie?
A. A school tie provides identity, it allows the learner to be recognised as to which school they attend.
Q. What is the cost of a school tie?
A. It depends on the quantity ordered, the more ordered, the less the cost.


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Vinuchi was established in 1976 as a corporate tie and scarf manufacturer. In the mid nineties we expanded into Corporate clothing and uniforms as well as schoolwear. A recent addition to our range sees chef wear become part of our offering.

Vinuchi is known and respected for it's modern approach and constant strive to be innovative, fashionable and up to date.
This can be seen in our retail fashion range.

Whether we are supplying a tie or scarf, corporate wear, school wear or chef wear, you can be sure that our attention to detail and quality driven approach to fabrics and manufacturing combines to produce a garment you will always be proud to wear.


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